What is hanging weight?
Hanging weight is the weight of the carcass after it has been cleaned and prepared for cutting but before it has been aged and processed into cuts and packages.

How much meat will I get?
The total yield will depend on a variety of factors including the weight of the animal and the cuts you choose. An average estimate is 65-75% of the hanging weight. 

Which cuts will I receive?
You decide!* You will have the opportunity to provide your preferences to the butcher. The extent of your options is determined by the size of the share you are purchasing. We can provide you will some examples if you would like.
*Please note that split sides will be pre-determined.

Will I get the organs and bones?
By request and based on availability.

What are the animals fed?
Our animals are fed pasture and farm-forage grown here on our farm in Hillsdale, NY.